Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Hey Everyone! It's been a while but I've been crazy busy with LIFE! I wrapped up the third book in The Dark Ink Chronicles, my daughter graduated from HS (and all that goes with that, ie party at the house!) and spent three weeks in Scotland! Now I'm scrambling to get my daughter situated at college (sob!) and working on some new projects!

Check out my new cover for the third book in my Savannah Vampires series, EVENTIDE. COOL!!! And there's me in the Highlands, in heather and gorse! The heather was just starting to bloom, so looking a little dull but I STILL LOVE IT!!! And yes--it was COLD!

NEWS: While in Scotland my friend and fabulous agent, Deidre Knight, sold my Young Adult Scottish Ghost Mystery Romance, FOREVERMORE, to SCHOLASTIC BOOKS!!!! EXCITEMENT GALORE!!!! I will be writing for Scholastic under my previous pen name, Cindy Miles, and am in the process of updating my website. Check it out! . I'm SUPER excited about this project!!!! And will have bits and updates for it soon!

Meanwhile, book 2 of The Dark Ink Chronicles, EVERDARK, released the day I left for Scotland!!! (June 7th!) If you've ventured to buy it, I hope you've enjoyed!

My pal, author LEAH MARIE BROWN, has released her FABULOUS French Romantic Mystery, SILENCE IN THE MIST. Leah knows her French history and pens a powerful and intriguing tale that will make you flip the pages as fast as your eyes can capture the words! Check out her website!!novels She also has a fabulously fun blog and is a phenomenal photographer--you'll want to check out her pics! She also went with me to Scotland and we had a BLAST!!!!!!

In between trying to get my daughter squared away at college (SOB!!) I'm presently working on some new material to follow The Dark Ink Chronicles. I've a few ideas in mind, so fingers crossed my publisher likes one of them! Will update!

MEANWHILE...Savannah is nice and hot and muggy! When I returned from Scotland I craved two things that, as much as I LOVE and ADORE Scotland, they just don't have or do right: SALSA and GREEN BOILED PEANUTS. We stopped at the store on the way home from the airport, I bought all the STUFF to make my salsa and a HUGE bag of peanuts to boil (for those un-schooled in this art of eating, you boil a LOT of peanuts with a LOT of SALT!) and I ate like a HOG for several days. OINK!!! It was GOOD!!!

But hands down, Scotland has the BEST fried haddock and chips (with yummy vinegar and BROWN SAUCE!) ever!

All for now! I hope everyone's enjoying their summer! I will upload some more Scotland pics soon!

Peace out!