Thursday, November 18, 2010


Hey Guys! Still interested in winning a signed copy of AFTERLIGHT and a B&N Gift card? The Contest is still running through the end of November so if you haven't joined my Newsletter, you haven't entered! Go here: to enter!!

Can you believe November is almost OVER? Man! Time is flying by so fast!!!! I've already got a decent jump on Christmas present-buying this year though, so that's a new one for me!

Watched Toy Story 3 last night and OMG that thing was fun!!! LOVE me some WOODY! And I can't WAIT for TANGLED to release--Nov. 24th!!! Totally fun take on the Rapunzel (sp?) story!

And hello? HARRY POTTER/Deathly Hallows Part 1 is TOMORROW!!!! Good LORD! MOVIE TIME!!!

I hope everyone's having a great November!!!!


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Check it out at BITTEN BY BOOKS! A Contest!

Hey guys! Check out this link! I'll be guest blogging at Bitten By Books tomorrow and everyone who goes over and RSVP's before the event will get an extra 25 entries into my contest!!! Check it out, and drop by and say HI!

Come on by!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Wanna know a little secret about me? :)

Ooh, secrets! Fun! I've had to keep this under wraps, per publisher, for marketing purposes, but I've been given the All Clear to let you all know about my OTHER pen name, and my OTHER series!

Pen name: Cindy Miles
Genre: light ghost romances
Book One: Spirited Away
Book Two: Into Thin Air
Book Three: Highland Knight
Book Four: MacGowan's Ghost
Book Five: Thirteen Chances

WOW! PHEW! I've been DYING to let you all know that! LOL! Now seriously--as you can tell by the cover of my first published book ever, Spirited Away, it and the others are WAY different than The Dark Ink Chronicles. They were a LOT of fun to write, though, and I am in love with EVERY one of my heroes. Light, fun, incredibly romantic (to me, anyway!!!) and hey--you gotta love a girl who can love a dead guy! Yep! All the heroes are chivalristic dudes from the past--mostly knights from the 12fth-16th centuries. My heroines are modern-day girls who stumble upon these tortured souls in Scotland, England and Wales, usually in some crumbly old castle. I hold a special place in my heart for every book, every hero/heroine, and I am so lucky to have been able to see them to print!

Now, like I just told my Cindy Miles readers--this series may not be your cupa. While there is a LOT of sexual tension and romantic scenes throughout, you'll only find ONE sex scene (yes, ONE!) and it's in the LAST chapter. It's a good one, but yeah--just one. LOL! The tension, so I've been told, is so great within the pages that it makes up for it! Anyway...just in case you were interested in checking them out, I wanted to give you The Warning! Low Sex Content! They're light, fun, humorous, soul-mate sort of reads, and I'm very proud of them. :) If you decide to take a chance on them, read them in the order listed. They're not a continuation series, like the Afterlight series, but they are connected by characters and it's much more fun to read in that order!

So!!! PHEW! There ya go! Cat OFFICIALLY out of the bag! :)

I've just written my first Newsletter, and the small confession is listed there, too. :) If you've subscribed, you'll be getting it soon!

Peace Out!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Two More WINNERS!!!!!

Okay guys--I know I haven't been posting much lately, but I'm now busy working on book three of the Chronicles: EVENTIDE! Plus gearing up for AFTERLIGHT's debut!

So on that are two more winners of signed copies of AFTERLIGHT!

"Donna" and "Lesley"


You guys send me your mailing addresses to and I'll get your signed copies in the mail!

And for those who still would like a chance to win...I will announce a couple of more winners before October 31st!

Also...if you haven't signed up for my Newlsetter, do it! There's another contest going on there!

Thanks for all who are interested and waiting for AFTERLIGHT'S release! I' m so excited!!!!

Peace out- Elle

Friday, October 1, 2010

Gary Sinise and the LT. DAN BAND!!!

Here are a few pics from tonight's concert in Beaufort, SC! Gary and the band were awesome! They really pull the crowd into the music and just have a great time. The place was packed! Gary plays wicked guitar!! The whole band is awesome and they play for such a great cause. There were tons of soldiers there and everyone had a blast! Thanks Gary and the Lt. Dan Band!!!!!


So the winner is.....Incident (Kayleigh)!!!!! Congrats!!! You've won the first signed copy ARC of Afterlight!!!!!

Now all you others...THANK YOU for the attention!!!! I will draw another name by Wednesday!

Anyone else joining the blog contest-enter a comment and you're entered in the contest!

Congrats again, Kaleigh! I hope you enjoy Afterlight! Please send me your mailing info to or

Peace Out!


Yeah! October is hands-down my favorite month of the year!!!!! I am so excited!!! I'm up early working on edits (turning in today!) for Everdark, and once I'm done me and the fam are headed over to Beaufort, SC to the Shrimp Festival where Gary Sinise will be playing for the soldiers/vets (and ME!) with his Lt. Dan Band!!
Anyway! So we're going to that because I LOVE Gary Sinise and think what he and the LDB does for the soldiers is amazing work, and he's just a cool dude! The temps are dropping and feeling more like fall, so it'll be major funnage!
SO! After THAT, I'll come home and get some rest so I can get UP in the morning and put ALL of my Halloween stuff out. HA! Husband LOATHES all that junk, but TOUGH! I create a haunted piano over our, well, piano, with webbing and all this great stuff! Candleabras! Frankenstein monster! Witches! I have a Jim Shores Headless Horseman that is wicked cool! And OH! Just got Yankee Candles newest Halloween stuff--a Mr. and Mrs. Skeleton Newlyweds (they remind me of the Maitlands, from Beetlejuice!), still in the gown and tux, and they're candle holders. The CANDLES are black and when lit...drip RED WAX. Wheeee! Lots more to go, too many to list, so I'll take a few pics when all done and post. Funnnage!!!! Happy OCTOBER!!!!
OHHHH! The CONTEST! :) I'll be posting the winner here TODAY! Later today, to give a few more folks a chance to win a signed ARC of Afterlight! Once I post the winner, we'll do it all over again for next week! If you've already posted a comment, you don't have to post again. :) UNLESS you just wanna say HI! :) I'll announce next winner on Wednesday, Oct. 6th. Because the next day I'm headed to Boston with a group of my best pals where we'll head up north and travel the Maine Coast for 5 days!!! So excited!!! I plan on swinging by Stephen King's house in Bangor and taking some pics of me hanging on his spiderweb gates. :) Unless they're wired for shock factor. Then I'll just stand really close. :)
Anway! It's OCTOBER! Roll in some leaves! Put on the spooky music! Watch the spooky shows of the spookiest places on earth! Set some pumpkins and mums out! And don't forget to comment to win a signed advanced copy of Afterlight!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Five WEEKS and two DAYS left until the release of AFTERLIGHT! But until then, I'm going to give away a few Advanced Copies here over the next few weeks. Woot!
So, COMMENT, COMMENT, COMMENT!! On Friday I'll randomly choose a commenter to win! You only need to comment ONCE.
And if you're on Twitter or Facebook, hit the button and spread the word!
Let's GO! :)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Romance Junkies Reviews AFTERLIGHT!

Check out this fabulous review by Dorine over at Romance Junkies. Man! THANKS, Guys!

Working on edits for book 2, EVERDARK, right now, and then on to book 3, EVENTIDE. But I'll be posting a contest soon, so watch for a chance to win an Advanced copy of Afterlight, along with a few other cool prizes thrown in. Also, I'll be posting my booksignings soon.


Thursday, September 2, 2010


So...whadoya think? Here's Riley Poe and Eli Dupre, the hero and heroine in The Dark Ink Chronicles. Riley is just...kick ASS, and Eli? SHUDDER! I love their portraits, mastered by the fabo digital artist, Tricia Schmitt, ie: Picky_Me. You can check out her other fabulous work on her website, THANKS, TRISH!!!
I will be adding these delicious portraits to an on-going section on my website that will include ALL of the main characters of the series. I'm starting off with Riley and Eli and will hopefully have at least 7 characters included by the time Afterlight releases November 2!!! FUNNAGE!!!
Each character will also have a short bio, written in their voice, just so you can get to know them a little. :) Also, their art will be available as Wallpaper for you to print off, load to your computer, etc. :) Again...FUNNAGE MAXIMUS!!! :)
Peace Out!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Afterlight Review! 5 Star/Reviewer TOP PICK!

Afterlight's first review is in, and man--it's freaking awesome! 5 STARS and Reviewer TOP PICK! Janalee from Night Owl Reviews just sent this to me...
Afterlight is a book every paranormal lover is going to fall in love with!
Come take a wild ride with me. My name is Riley Poe. And, when I say wild, I mean one heck of a get down and dirty with things that go bump in the night. Things I never truly believed in, but now I do. I have to. They (evil ones) have taken control of my little brother and now I am ready to kick some malevolent butt.
I am not alone though. I have a hunk of a guy, well...more like a hot vampire guy, stuck on me like glue to help me fight the evil and get my little bro back.
Did I mention I am also a slamming tattoo artist with tats all over me? Crazy much? You bet I am, well, I used to be out-of-control crazy. Now, I am crazier in good ways.
This could get nasty, so watch your step and get ready for anything!
AFTERLIGHT, the first book in The Dark Ink Chronicles, is by author Elle Jasper. Ms. Jasper penned a winner. Using an edgy first person narrative, Ms. Jasper gave Riley Poe free rein to take me into a paranormal tale that consumed me from page one.
Riley's character is snappy and true to herself. You cannot help but love her quirky personality and tattoos. She has had it rough as a youth and has pulled herself up by the bootstraps to become the woman she is today. The secondary characters give Riley a perfect backdrop to display her talents as she fights the darkness invading her world.
After reading AFTERLIGHT, I just could not help imagining this book up on the silver screen. It would make one heck of a movie series.
This is the first five star review I have given because not only is the book a keeper, I have also found a new favorite author I cannot wait to read more of in the future.
I will be waiting on pins and needles for the next book in the series, EVERDARK. This is a must read paranormal book and it comes highly recommended. Get your copy today of Afterlight by Elle Jasper.
Pretty freaking cool, huh? THANK YOU, Janalee, from Night Owl Reviews!!!
Keep checkin' back to my website--I am having CHARACTER PAGES designed and will start off with Riley and Eli. You will LOVE!!!!
Peace out,

Thursday, August 26, 2010


WHOA! EVERDARK'S preliminary cover!!! Saa-WEET!!!! I totally love it!!!! I've requested a few changes (her eyes are green, and tattoo head o' dragon needs to be on opposite shoulder) but otherwise PERFECT!! Damn fine artists at NAL!!!

Now...Who's this guy? I don't know but MAN! Yes, please!

Lol! Hey may very well have to become a character in the Dark Ink Chronicles! Day-yamn!!!

So...wassup!?! I just checked out of the Deadline Sanitorium (lol, ie: just finished book 2-EVERDARK) and am now in HIGH GEAR promo for Afterlight. November 2 is close! Excitement!!!

I will be listing my blog tour dates/places asap. Contests! Books! Giveaways! Lots to come! Just getting myself organized here and will let you guys know about ALL STUFF STAT!
I'll probably start with a blog contest here, and I'll list it soon, so be watching! You'll need to gather your friends and your friends friends, cos the more posts you bring in, the better chance you have of winning.
Okay! Just a little updatage: Finished with book two, EVERDARK. Yes! In case you don't know, the series is a continuation. In other words, when EVERDARK picks up directly where AFTERLIGHT leaves off, just as EVENTIDE (book 3) will pick up where EVERDARK leaves off. I'm just now gearing up to start work on EVENTIDE, and I'll be wrapping it up in December!
Meanwhile, I'm also working on a few Young Adult ideas. Lotsa fun!
AND...if you haven't checked out my Photoshow for Afterlight, do it! It'll take you through Savannah, GA--my home as well as home of RILEY POE, heroine of the Dark Ink Chronicles. EVERDARK takes the reader to Charleston, SC for a little while (where you'll meet a new character, NOAH--YEESH! I love him already!) so I'll be packin' up my camera and heading to Charles Town with my crazy pals to take another photoshow. :) The third book, EVENTIDE, will take the reader to....ROMANIA. EEK! I'm working on getting over there for a photoshow, too! Sick!
Okay! Hope to see lots of you guys posting here, and over the next few weeks I'll be running contests and yak-yak-yakin'. :)
Hope you had a great summer!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Read an excerpt of Afterlight NOW!

While I'm in the total dungeon of darkness (ie: mega-deadline for EVERDARK) I stopped long enough to upload an excerpt of AFTERLIGHT. Go to my Books page and scroll down--you'll find the link Read Excerpt beneath the Afterlight blurb. There you'll find the Preface and Part One-Disturbances.

I hope you like!

I'm nearly finished with the first draft of EVERDARK, and once it's turned in I'll begin promotion for AFTERLIGHT--which means you'll be seeing a lot more of me here! I'll also be starting some contests, so keep an eye out!

Peace out,


Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Summertime is here! It is freaking HOT here in Savannah (pic is at Tybee Island)! It's fun though. 4th of July is coming up and although I'm right in the heat of my deadline for Book 2 of The Dark Ink Chronicles, EVERDARK, I plan on going to a friend's 4th party, eating some dogs, and watching some fireworks. But only for a while! LOL! The book is due July 15th so no playing until AFTER!

Once the book is turned in I will begin HEAVY promotion for AFTERLIGHT. The November 2ond release will be here before I know it! I'm having some wicked-cool bookmarks made and will start contests near the end of July, so keep checking back here for updates! I'm EXCITED!
I'll be having a Book Trailer made so once it's finished I'll announce it here so you can check it out.

Since some of EVERDARK will take place in Savannah's sister city, Charleston, SC, I'm headed there in a few weeks to take some pics "through Riley's eyes" (ie: like the Photoshow of Savannah I have here) so will get that put together and posted. Charleston is just about as gorgeous as Savannah!

We've also been working on the cover art for EVERDARK, so I'm totally psyched to see how that turns out. Like AFTERLIGHT, it will feature the heroine, Riley, being her cool self. Lol! Once I get it I'll post and announce!

I'll also be arranging a blog tour, as well as a book signing tour, when the release date grows closer, and I'll have it listed on my news section, so keep an eye out for it. If I'm close to your city make sure and plan to drop in to whatever bookstore I'm at and say hello! :)

And if you're interested in a booksigning in your city, drop me a line at and let me know! It may be I'm already heading there, and if not, I'd love to add it in!

Cool! So take care and stay out of the heat!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Afterlight all wrapped up!

The final edits of Afterlight have passed inspection and the novel is done! No free time here, though--I'm now on deadline for book two, EVERDARK, and it picks up where Afterlight leaves off. You'll be able to read a teaser in the back of Afterlight, due out November 2ond. Once I turn in Everdark I'll be a post-a-freak here, so watch out for contests, updates, and more pics! Everdark takes a journey to Charleston, SC, so I'll post another photoshow of Riley's take on the ancient city. Until then, happy reading!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Hi, and welcome to my blog! Are you ready for more vampire tales? Let me introduce you to the undead of Savannah with my gritty, urban fantasy/dark paranormal romance debut novel, AFTERLIGHT, the first book in my new series, The Dark Ink Chronicles. Check out my website at for a glimpse at the characters, their bios, and a few eerie pics from Savannah, GA. AFTERLIGHT releases this November, so between now and then I'll be running contests, introducing you to my heroine, Riley Poe, and the dead-sexy vampire she encounters, Eli Dupre, and just chatting up the series in general! Again, WELCOME! Check back as there's more to come!