Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Afterlight Review! 5 Star/Reviewer TOP PICK!

Afterlight's first review is in, and man--it's freaking awesome! 5 STARS and Reviewer TOP PICK! Janalee from Night Owl Reviews just sent this to me...
Afterlight is a book every paranormal lover is going to fall in love with!
Come take a wild ride with me. My name is Riley Poe. And, when I say wild, I mean one heck of a get down and dirty with things that go bump in the night. Things I never truly believed in, but now I do. I have to. They (evil ones) have taken control of my little brother and now I am ready to kick some malevolent butt.
I am not alone though. I have a hunk of a guy, well...more like a hot vampire guy, stuck on me like glue to help me fight the evil and get my little bro back.
Did I mention I am also a slamming tattoo artist with tats all over me? Crazy much? You bet I am, well, I used to be out-of-control crazy. Now, I am crazier in good ways.
This could get nasty, so watch your step and get ready for anything!
AFTERLIGHT, the first book in The Dark Ink Chronicles, is by author Elle Jasper. Ms. Jasper penned a winner. Using an edgy first person narrative, Ms. Jasper gave Riley Poe free rein to take me into a paranormal tale that consumed me from page one.
Riley's character is snappy and true to herself. You cannot help but love her quirky personality and tattoos. She has had it rough as a youth and has pulled herself up by the bootstraps to become the woman she is today. The secondary characters give Riley a perfect backdrop to display her talents as she fights the darkness invading her world.
After reading AFTERLIGHT, I just could not help imagining this book up on the silver screen. It would make one heck of a movie series.
This is the first five star review I have given because not only is the book a keeper, I have also found a new favorite author I cannot wait to read more of in the future.
I will be waiting on pins and needles for the next book in the series, EVERDARK. This is a must read paranormal book and it comes highly recommended. Get your copy today of Afterlight by Elle Jasper.
Pretty freaking cool, huh? THANK YOU, Janalee, from Night Owl Reviews!!!
Keep checkin' back to my website--I am having CHARACTER PAGES designed and will start off with Riley and Eli. You will LOVE!!!!
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  1. Congrats Elle! I can't wait to read it myself. This review only makes me want it more. ;)

  2. Hello Elle! I read the first chapter on your website and now the great review, can't wait for the book's release!

  3. Congratulations Elle!! I HAVE read this book, and agree with the review 100%! Riley is just too cool and word...HOT! Cannot wait for the book to hit the shelf, so I can share it with all of my friends!