Thursday, August 26, 2010


WHOA! EVERDARK'S preliminary cover!!! Saa-WEET!!!! I totally love it!!!! I've requested a few changes (her eyes are green, and tattoo head o' dragon needs to be on opposite shoulder) but otherwise PERFECT!! Damn fine artists at NAL!!!

Now...Who's this guy? I don't know but MAN! Yes, please!

Lol! Hey may very well have to become a character in the Dark Ink Chronicles! Day-yamn!!!

So...wassup!?! I just checked out of the Deadline Sanitorium (lol, ie: just finished book 2-EVERDARK) and am now in HIGH GEAR promo for Afterlight. November 2 is close! Excitement!!!

I will be listing my blog tour dates/places asap. Contests! Books! Giveaways! Lots to come! Just getting myself organized here and will let you guys know about ALL STUFF STAT!
I'll probably start with a blog contest here, and I'll list it soon, so be watching! You'll need to gather your friends and your friends friends, cos the more posts you bring in, the better chance you have of winning.
Okay! Just a little updatage: Finished with book two, EVERDARK. Yes! In case you don't know, the series is a continuation. In other words, when EVERDARK picks up directly where AFTERLIGHT leaves off, just as EVENTIDE (book 3) will pick up where EVERDARK leaves off. I'm just now gearing up to start work on EVENTIDE, and I'll be wrapping it up in December!
Meanwhile, I'm also working on a few Young Adult ideas. Lotsa fun!
AND...if you haven't checked out my Photoshow for Afterlight, do it! It'll take you through Savannah, GA--my home as well as home of RILEY POE, heroine of the Dark Ink Chronicles. EVERDARK takes the reader to Charleston, SC for a little while (where you'll meet a new character, NOAH--YEESH! I love him already!) so I'll be packin' up my camera and heading to Charles Town with my crazy pals to take another photoshow. :) The third book, EVENTIDE, will take the reader to....ROMANIA. EEK! I'm working on getting over there for a photoshow, too! Sick!
Okay! Hope to see lots of you guys posting here, and over the next few weeks I'll be running contests and yak-yak-yakin'. :)
Hope you had a great summer!


  1. Elle, this is awesome. I am going to feature it on one of my Saturday got INK? posts. I will be sure to mention that it is preliminary and I will include a link to buy afterlight. I can't wait to start this series. Congrats.

  2. Cool, Elie! Thanks!!! I'm excited to get this series started too! Appreciate the tag and promo, too!

  3. Thanks, Abigail! I totally love it! Oceana Gotlieb is the fantastic cover designer of Afterlight and Everdark. I can hardly wait to see what she does with Eventide (book 3)!!

  4. Oh my gaaawd. I love you Elle! :O I got finished reading afterlight yesterday after school(since I read over 30 pages all day in school) XD And I was crying in the inside, dying to get everdark now. :O <33333 You're the awesome-est ELLE!!! <333