Friday, October 22, 2010

Wanna know a little secret about me? :)

Ooh, secrets! Fun! I've had to keep this under wraps, per publisher, for marketing purposes, but I've been given the All Clear to let you all know about my OTHER pen name, and my OTHER series!

Pen name: Cindy Miles
Genre: light ghost romances
Book One: Spirited Away
Book Two: Into Thin Air
Book Three: Highland Knight
Book Four: MacGowan's Ghost
Book Five: Thirteen Chances

WOW! PHEW! I've been DYING to let you all know that! LOL! Now seriously--as you can tell by the cover of my first published book ever, Spirited Away, it and the others are WAY different than The Dark Ink Chronicles. They were a LOT of fun to write, though, and I am in love with EVERY one of my heroes. Light, fun, incredibly romantic (to me, anyway!!!) and hey--you gotta love a girl who can love a dead guy! Yep! All the heroes are chivalristic dudes from the past--mostly knights from the 12fth-16th centuries. My heroines are modern-day girls who stumble upon these tortured souls in Scotland, England and Wales, usually in some crumbly old castle. I hold a special place in my heart for every book, every hero/heroine, and I am so lucky to have been able to see them to print!

Now, like I just told my Cindy Miles readers--this series may not be your cupa. While there is a LOT of sexual tension and romantic scenes throughout, you'll only find ONE sex scene (yes, ONE!) and it's in the LAST chapter. It's a good one, but yeah--just one. LOL! The tension, so I've been told, is so great within the pages that it makes up for it! Anyway...just in case you were interested in checking them out, I wanted to give you The Warning! Low Sex Content! They're light, fun, humorous, soul-mate sort of reads, and I'm very proud of them. :) If you decide to take a chance on them, read them in the order listed. They're not a continuation series, like the Afterlight series, but they are connected by characters and it's much more fun to read in that order!

So!!! PHEW! There ya go! Cat OFFICIALLY out of the bag! :)

I've just written my first Newsletter, and the small confession is listed there, too. :) If you've subscribed, you'll be getting it soon!

Peace Out!


  1. Well I'm glad Cindy let the cat out of the bag finally and sent me over here, lol. Love what I'm reading about the books, and the site looks great, fits the series. Congrats on the new contracts!

  2. Your picture gave you away (or you have a Doppleganger!) I glad you have a new genre to write, I've missed your writing!

  3. Cool! I will definitely be checking out this series too!

  4. Thank God you've let it be known! For those of you out there who haven't read her Cindy Miles series--I fell in love with her writing way back when and have followed her since. Can't wait to see the new series!!! Barnes and Noble here I come! Good luck Elle! Elle and Cindy forever!!

  5. Thanks, guys! I'm excited about all of my new readers and hope they really dig the Afterlight saga!

  6. I am glad you have finally outed yourself, Ms. Miles :) Just finished reading Afterlight and LOVED it! Well done seems inadequate!

  7. Read several in this series and they were a fun read. Can't wait to read what sounds like a hot new vamp trilogy.