Friday, October 1, 2010


Yeah! October is hands-down my favorite month of the year!!!!! I am so excited!!! I'm up early working on edits (turning in today!) for Everdark, and once I'm done me and the fam are headed over to Beaufort, SC to the Shrimp Festival where Gary Sinise will be playing for the soldiers/vets (and ME!) with his Lt. Dan Band!!
Anyway! So we're going to that because I LOVE Gary Sinise and think what he and the LDB does for the soldiers is amazing work, and he's just a cool dude! The temps are dropping and feeling more like fall, so it'll be major funnage!
SO! After THAT, I'll come home and get some rest so I can get UP in the morning and put ALL of my Halloween stuff out. HA! Husband LOATHES all that junk, but TOUGH! I create a haunted piano over our, well, piano, with webbing and all this great stuff! Candleabras! Frankenstein monster! Witches! I have a Jim Shores Headless Horseman that is wicked cool! And OH! Just got Yankee Candles newest Halloween stuff--a Mr. and Mrs. Skeleton Newlyweds (they remind me of the Maitlands, from Beetlejuice!), still in the gown and tux, and they're candle holders. The CANDLES are black and when lit...drip RED WAX. Wheeee! Lots more to go, too many to list, so I'll take a few pics when all done and post. Funnnage!!!! Happy OCTOBER!!!!
OHHHH! The CONTEST! :) I'll be posting the winner here TODAY! Later today, to give a few more folks a chance to win a signed ARC of Afterlight! Once I post the winner, we'll do it all over again for next week! If you've already posted a comment, you don't have to post again. :) UNLESS you just wanna say HI! :) I'll announce next winner on Wednesday, Oct. 6th. Because the next day I'm headed to Boston with a group of my best pals where we'll head up north and travel the Maine Coast for 5 days!!! So excited!!! I plan on swinging by Stephen King's house in Bangor and taking some pics of me hanging on his spiderweb gates. :) Unless they're wired for shock factor. Then I'll just stand really close. :)
Anway! It's OCTOBER! Roll in some leaves! Put on the spooky music! Watch the spooky shows of the spookiest places on earth! Set some pumpkins and mums out! And don't forget to comment to win a signed advanced copy of Afterlight!

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